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I’m Sandi DoDreamm, the owner of Deaf’s Delight Cafe. I can’t tell you enough how excited and proud we are to be opening the very first deaf cafe in the tri-state area. While the journey getting here has been filled with many challenges, blessings, set-backs, joy, heartache and love, over the years all of these things have been leading up to a higher purpose. The grand opening of Deaf’s Delight Cafe! We couldn’t be more excited to help our local deaf community, educate our youth and help create a better future!

There’s still a few things we need before we can officially open our doors. Any donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Please take a look around at our Deaf’s Delight merchandise shop and make a purchase. All contributions go towards creating a home away from home for the deaf community.

Peace & Love,

Sandi DoDreamm

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